Don't Kill HER

A unique short experience game

You've never had to stand against something of that kind before.

Find your way through her

"I'll always be around you. I could even say that I've always been."

Find out who she really is

"I think you know better than I do. You just need to realize this."

What Kind?

What kind of game is it ?

DON'T KILL HER is designed to provide a very unique and special experience, because of its graphics, universe, and narrative. It first will appear to be a simple platformer, but the deeper the player dives into it, the more he'll encounter... And by that, I mean her.

She seems to be the one who rules everything in the world you've been thrown in. This weird character will be all along your way. Sometimes she'll help you, sometimes not. All the game is built around her. Who is She ? What does she want ?

Where and when ?

Where and when will it be released ?

The game will be totally free, playable online, on this website and on known game sites like gamejolt or kongregate. So, if you got a computer browsing internet, you'll be able to enjoy it. The purpose here is to make it available for everybody. The more people can enjoy it, the greater it will be. The release is planned for 2013.


Waouw, it's really cool !

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