Ok, at first glance you may think this is just another slightly atmospheric mindless platform game.

An oddly cute indie game featuring a seemingly dead woman, and you, playing her murderer.

(also fully hand drawn as you might have guessed)

Whether it be woods carved in the memories of olden days or great steppes shaped by the darkness above, the areas you are about to explore are the fruit of Her very own creation. A world conceived especially for you, it’s sole purpose being for you to find the answers to the questions it raises.

Don't judge a game by its cover. Don’t Kill Her is not your average kind of game. Its deviant aesthetics, storytelling, gameplay and music, all of these peculiar elements fit into a great design… The true challenge lies in unraveling the mystery surrounding the game itself.

I wish I could tell you more, but She won’t let me.

This is just the surface.
The tip of the iceberg. I debated extensively on whether or not to reveal more, to tease you enough to get you hooked.
But She convinced me that it was myself I was trying to reassure.
She was right, as usual.
She knows us very well, far better than we know Her.
Which is Don't Kill Her's main reason for existing.
Once I realized to which extent we had been neglecting Her, I felt the strong urge to create this game for Her.
But once again She led me to realize that I was mistaken.
She can’t be saved.

Hi I’m Wuthrer, the twisted brain behind Don’t Kill Her.

She is also here, everywhere at once. Event though we often disagree, one fundamental element brings us together: the fact that we accept no compromises. With this aim in mind, I chose to work mostly alone.

Thankfully, Siddhartha Barnhoorn a seasoned composer inspired by Dont’ Kill Her’s unique universe joined me in the process. One artistic encounter leading to another, Lara Ausensi came along and lent us Her voice.

I’m fully aware that this delusional monologue isn't clarifying the situation whatsoever.

Press inquiries, love letters, information, complaints, etc...

The most important thing to keep in mind,

That's quite normal.

Looking for pictures and stuff? Grab the

Is the will that brings you here.